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« U-series dating of rock art paintings in southwestern China »

Lundi 24 juin 2019 à 16h30 (Amphi IPH), par Qing-Feng Shao (College of Geographical Sciences, Nanjing Normal University, China)

par Daujeard Camille - publié le

« U-series dating of rock art paintings in southwestern China » par Qing-Feng Shao (Associate Professor)

Numerous rock art paintings are preserved on the surface of steep limestone cliffs in the areas of ethnic minorities of the southwestern China. They are well known for the stylized human figures and animals in the Zuojiang River Valley, Guangxi Zhuang Nationality Autonomous Region, the hunting and herding paintings in the Cangyuan Wa Nationality Autonomous County, Yunnan Province, and the hunting-gathering paintings in the Jinshajiang River Valley, Yunnan Province. However, all these paintings were produced using the red pigment (hematite) without sufficient organic material for 14C dating. Fortunately, naturally deposited carbonates coat some of the paintings, providing the opportunity to date the painting events using the uranium-series dating techniques. This presentation will introduce the U-series dating of the Huashan rock art paintings in Guangxi Province and the Cangyuan rock art paintings in Yunnan Provinces.