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« Multiscale Surface Metrology for Applications in Science and Conservation »

Lundi 26 novembre 2018, 17h (Amphi IPH), par Christopher Brown (Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA)

par Daujeard Camille - publié le

« Multiscale Surface Metrology for Applications in Science and Conservation » par Christopher Brown

Surfaces cover everything. Their topographies are indicative of their pasts and can predict their behaviors. Their measurement and analysis is Surface Metrology. Fundamental principles of surface metrology for establishing confident discriminations and finding strong correlations will be presented. Applications in physical anthropology, archeology, and historic conservation will be discussed along with engineering. The basics of multiscale geometric analyses and characterizations will be shown, including length-scale, area-scale, curvature-scale, and multiscale discriminations and regressions. Part of the appeal of these geometric analyses is clear physical interpretation and the use of simple computer algorithms and statistics.