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- Fonction
Research director CNRS and Professor at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (EPHE), Paris
Institut de Paléontologie Humaine, 1 rue René Panhard, 75013 Paris
Phone 33+(0)1 55 43 27 56
Team member « Dynamics of the first human settlements. »

- Topic :
My research topic is Anthropological demography, from Prehistory (the overall colonization of the Planet since 2 MA, to the Neolithic Demographic Transition) to the contemporary period.

- Key words :
Demographic anthropology, palaeodemography, Neolithic Demographic Transition, Neanderthal demography, Fertility transition, Archaeology modelling

- Participation in research programs :
2016-21 ERC Grant : “Late Glacial and Postglacial Population History and Cultural Transmission in Iberia (c.15,000-8,000calBP)” (PI : J Fernández-López de Pablo (IPHES) : adv. board member ;
2012-2016 EC Marie Curie ITN BEAN (PI) ;
2010-2013 ANR OBRESOC (coord.) ;
2006-10 EC FEPRE (PI) ;
2003-07 MESR ACI 3T (coord.) ;
2000-05 CNRS OHLL (coord.).

- Teaching :
2016-17- A seminar course in : Anthropologie générale : à l’interface des sciences sociales et des sciences naturelles (EPHE, EHESS, ENS), AL Gutierrez-Choquevilca & Ch Stepanoff (org.).

- Scientific and administrative responsibilities :

  • Expert for 20 institutions, including 11 international ones (European Research Council, National Science Found., John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Found. New York, EC H2020, F.R. Québec, Portug. Found. Science and Technology, European Science Found., British Acad., Social Sciences and Hum. Res. Council Canada).
  • Editorial : Guest editor in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, reviewer in 24 international journals including 22 indexed ones (The Economic J., PlosOne, Hum. Heredity, The Quarterly Rev. of Biology, J of Comparative Human Biol., Population Space and Place, Anthropozoologica, PNAS USA, Science, J of biogeog, Am J of Phys Anthrop, Human Biol, Current Anthrop, Population (Paris), etc.).
  • Member : the French National Council of Universities (CNU20 : 2012-16), the Scientific board of EPHE (2010-16).

- 10 selected publications from 103 in peer journals
(Publications can be downloaded from here :

2015 - Bocquet-Appel JP, R Moussa and J Dubouloz. Multi-agent modelling of the Neolithic LBK. Proceedings of Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA 2014), Paris, Archaeopress : Oxford UK : 611-622.

2013 - Bocquet-Appel JP and A Degioanni. Neanderthal demographic estimates. Current Anthropology 54, S8 : S202-21.

2011 - Bocquet-Appel JP. When the world’s population took off : The springboard of the Neolithic Demographic Transition. Science (Perspectives) 333(6042), 29 july 2011 : 560-561.

2009 - Bocquet-Appel JP and A Tuffreau. Technological responses of Neanderthals to Macro-Climatic Variations (240,000-40,000 BP), Human Biology, Special issue on Culture and Demography, 81(2-3) : 287-299

2009 - Bocquet-Appel JP, S Naji, M Vander Linden and J Kozlowski. Detection of diffusion and contact zones of early farming in Europe from the Space-time distribution of 14C dates. Journal of Archaeological Science 36 : 807-820

2008 - Bocquet-Appel JP and O Bar-Yosef (eds). The Neolithic Demographic Transition and its Consequences. Springer, New-York : 544 p (Reviewed in : American Journal of Physical Anthropology 143(2) : 327 ; Canadian Studies in Population 37(3-4) : 613-15 ; Human Biology 83(5) : 645-50 ; Human Ecology 37(5) : 675-76)

2005 - Bocquet-Appel JP, PY Demars, L Noiret, D Dobrowsky and O Smirnova. Estimates of Upper Palaeolithic Meta-Population Size in Europe from Archaeological Data. Journal of Archeaological Science 32(11) : 1656-1668

2002 - Bocquet-Appel JP. Paleoanthropological traces of a Neolithic demographic transition. Current Anthropology 43 : 637-650

2000 - Bocquet-Appel JP and PY Demars. Neanderthal contraction and Modern human colonization of Europe. Antiquity 74 : 544-552

1998 - Bocquet-Appel JP and L Jakobi. Evidence for a spatial diffusion of contraception at the onset of fertility transition in Victorian Britain. Population 10 (1), Special issue New advances in Social Sciences : 181-204.

1982 - Bocquet-Appel JP and Cl Masset. Farewell to paleodemography. Journal of Human Evolution 11 : 321-333.

- Current researches :
An agent based model has been built and designed for the first LBK farmers in Central and Western Europe (ANR Obresoc 2010-13,, and a version has been further adapted to the Balkan Neolithic (EC ITN Marie Curie Bean 2012-15). The purpose of this approach was to simulate the geographical and demographic expansion of the first farmers and to gain insights into the demo-dynamic process, the responsiveness and resilience of their socio-natural system to meteo impacts, and their putative archaeological traces. The current working is focused on pattern analyses obtained from the simulated data, in terms of demography, economy (farming and small hunting) and their derived archaeological expectations.